Good Service is a Treat

For my last jobs I have travelled quite a bit.  What I’ve noticed is that good service and attention is a treat – and an exception.  When checking into a hotel or being waited on for food or for any service an organization provides, here’s my list of things to think about:

  • Your focus is on me or the person you are serving. Don’t say just a minute I have something to finish – virtually everything can be finished later. Don’t sigh like I’m an interruption in your day, I’m the reason for your day.
  • Please don’t talk to your co-worker about how hard things are or who hasn’t shown up. We all have work issues and these are not things either of us can solve at this time.
  • Things will go wrong. Simply apologize and move on. I’m sorry, but I don’t care about the details or to whom you’ve assigned fault.
  • Listen. If you ask a questions, listen for the answer. You can pick up a lot of information if you listen.
  • If you care about me, you can ask me questions. If you don’t really care, I know it.
  • The answer to thank you is not, “Yep.” It’s “You’re welcome.”

Focus on the person, don’t dwell on bad things, when things go wrong apologize, listen, care about others, say thank you and you’re welcome.

Probably list for ALL of us isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Good Service is a Treat

  1. We were taken to nice place for lunch as an appreciation for the gift we had made. Three times during the meal, the person left the table to take a phone call. We almost walked out and left her to eat by herself.

  2. Now you went and did it, you got me started. My biggest peeve is check out personnel not saying “thank you”. Do they not realize we are contributing to their paycheck? When did “here you go” when they hand you the receipt or ” have a nice day” substitute for a simple thank you? I have started a one person campaign of saying your welcome every time they do that. Please join me! Maybe they will get the hint.

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