Touch is important in our lives.  I received a note from a good friend who lost her husband.  She just wants to touch him one more time.  I think about newborn babies with medical issues and how the baby and the parents yearn for touch.  I think about people who are dying from Ebola and wonder if someone is touching them in their last moments?

Did you ever notice that you lose the feeling of a touch if you don’t move?  If you rub someone’s arm and then leave your hand still, after a while you lose the sensation of touch. If we don’t move, we lose our sensation.  If we don’t touch, we lose our connectedness.

Now I’m not the super huggy, touchy guy.  I also realize that for some touch holds tough memories of violence or even of an inappropriate sexual nature.  We’ve all known the hug too long person or the questionable hug person or the non-stop touch person.  But touch is important.

Guess we can all touch others with a smile, a laugh, a donation, a…  So touch someone today – in the completely appropriate, non-creepy, well intentioned way.

3 thoughts on “Touch

  1. Thank you for a “touching” connection this week. It is especially relevant to this time of year when all thoughts are gravitating toward caring for others… least I hope!!!

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