What’s in a Word?

On December 31, I posted this question on Facebook – If you had one word for 2017, what would that word be? The post received over 50 responses and the words were intriguing. First, I realize that it is difficult to encapsulate a year with one word.  The words listed may be reactions to specific or dramatic events or a general feeling about their life. I’m going to try to categorize the reactions. Obviously, I’m making some assumptions and value judgements, but hey, it’s my blog.

Most seemed to feel positive about 2017 – blessed (4), grateful (3), family (3), thankful, happy, amazing, almostperfect, wonderful

Appreciative or spiritual was a 2017 theme – abundant, redeemed, revitalizing, gratitude, faithful, miracles, gift

Many found 2017 to be a tough year – challenging (5), ugh, intense, tough, worrisome, depressing, bummer, hacked

For some, it appeared to be a year for some sort of change – springboard, opportunity, renew, adventures, transitional

Passing of loved ones influences a year – loss, acceptance

World or political events had an impact – scary (2), unprecedented, interesting, trumped, covfefe, shocking, exasperating

One of the responders said they didn’t look back, but abide would be their word for 2018. I’ve never been one for resolutions, as they tend to be more wishes than plans. However, I do hope each of you will find new blessings in the new year. What’s in a word? A little and a lot.







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