July to December 2018

Navigating Our Worlds

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For the past several years, I’ve worked with church-affiliated organizations. I’m now working with a non-profit that is not religiously or church affiliated. It is a great non-profit that has multi-faceted programming and empowerment activities for girls, but simply not a religious-based organization. In my new world, we have gone to lunch a couple times […]

Jan to June 2018

What’s in a Word?

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On December 31, I posted this question on Facebook – If you had one word for 2017, what would that word be? The post received over 50 responses and the words were intriguing. First, I realize that it is difficult to encapsulate a year with one word.  The words listed may be reactions to specific […]

Jan to June 2016

Better Than Me

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I believe it was my parents that said to me, “In everything, you will find people better than you and people less than you.”  It has been something that I’ve thought about over the years and it’s proven to be true.  An easy example for me is sports. While I have loved many different sports, […]