Where There’s Smoke…

For a time I really thought I’d be a scientist of some sort.  I’ve always loved meteorology and am fascinated by experiments.  However, when I was a middle school science teacher my experiments were legendary for failing.  But I remained undeterred from trying to demonstrate the next amazing principle.

When I was a kid, you could buy saltpeter (potassium nitrate) over the counter.  If you mix it with sugar it ignites and makes a great amount of smoke.

One day I got the brilliant idea that I would make this great amount of smoke in my sister’s bedroom, open the windows, and as the smoke started billowing out – someone would call the fire department.  OK, I didn’t completely think it through.

It did make a gigantic amount of smoke and some of it did go out the windows.  It also burned the table top and made a gigantic mess.  My plan lacked one additional detail – someone outside to SEE the smoke.   It should have been foreshadowing of my renowned failed experiments as a teacher.

Give me credit for at least smoking out my sister’s bedroom instead of my own room.

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