Artificial Pressure

As you may know, I’m a baseball fan. I went for a walk before a game of the World Series and was thinking about the pressure the pitcher and other players must be feeling and it hit me – it’s all artificial pressure. Win or lose, MVP play or terrible play, they were going to get paid and at salaries higher than virtually everyone watching the game. Being a nationally televised game and whenever there’s money involved there is pressure, but it’s artificial pressure.

We all know people that love to live in controversy. If it doesn’t exist, they create it. They are artificially creating pressure. But don’t we all.

Real pressure is knowing your job has ended and you don’t where to turn. Real pressure is someone sick or dying or waiting for results of medical tests that have the potential to alter your life. Real pressure is living in a place where your next meal is unknown.

We are good at thinking we are in real pressure when its virtually all artificial.

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