Here’s Why

Again I had someone ask why I would work in Haiti when there are hungry people in the U.S.? Well, here’s why.

First, we live in a country that has the ability but not the will to solve our own hunger issues.  Where $96 BILLION is allowed to go to Wall Street exec bonuses and allows a Grand Canyon size and growing gap
between rich and poor, but can’t find seem to find funds for Food Stamps or subsidized housing or other solutions for our hungry.

Second, there are no options for the hungry in Haiti.  There are no feeding programs, no welfare options, no food pantry, no retirement payments, heck, there’s no dumpsters. The elderly and poor and orphans are hungry and they die.

Third, if you care for our hungry that’s awesome.  If you  send a donation to Feeding South Dakota, bring a big bag of groceries to the Salvation Army, serve in a food line, buy a McDonald’s gift card and give it to a homeless person, or serve the hungry then God bless you.  (and in fact, I’ve also done all of these also)

But you are not allowed to ask me why I work in Haiti and then do nothing here.

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