One of the blessings of having grandchildren is that it stimulates memories of babies and raising children.  Probably memories we’ve tried to repress, because they are simply hard work.  Here’s my random observations:

  • Babies are helpless. I mean totally helpless and they are terrible at explaining when something is wrong with them.
  • The required equipment for babies has grown. Strollers are the same size as Smart Cars. Car seats could endure a nuclear strike.
  • Breast feeding is God’s gift to men. As is child birth and a host of other things.
  • Your second child doesn’t double the needs, it seems to triple them.
  • Maternity wards are maximum security prisons with incredible buffets for the parents.
  • Everyone tells you that the time from baby to grown goes by unbelievably fast. You don’t believe it but it does. Days seem long and years go fast.
  • Delight in the small things – icky and non-icky – because they are special.
  • There is no other word to explain a baby other than the word miracle.

One thought on “Babies

  1. Love it.. the world of babies (grandchildren) looks different now than when we had our own children. Maybe because we are more alert!

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