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One of the blessings of having grandchildren is that it stimulates memories of babies and raising children.  Probably memories we’ve tried to repress, because they are simply hard work.  Here’s my random observations: Babies are helpless. I mean totally helpless and they are terrible at explaining when something is wrong with them. The required equipment […]

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Recently I read the book King Peggy which is the story of an American secretary who discovers she has been chosen king of the impoverished fishing village of Otuam in the West African country of Ghana.  Not only was she the first female king of this village, but she discovers the dire reality: there’s no […]

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Parade magazine comes in our Sunday newspaper and they publish an annual salary report. Every single time it comes out I say, HOW MUCH???  Miley Cyrus is estimated at $75,000,000 for the year. Seriously? How much??? Here’s some others: Sandra Bullock – $63M Beyoncé – $46M Payton Manning – $43M Top 25 baseball salaries – […]