Blue Pants, Red Shirt

At dinner the other night, my daughter-in-law asked me how my wife liked an outfit she had given her for a birthday present.  I told her my wife said something about pants and then she started using girl words, so I stopped listening.  How many possible words can a human being use for color, pattern, texture, or style?  Men know blue pants.  Red shirt.  Not fuchsia, gingham, brocade, or piping.

Women describe haircuts like a criminal sketch artist about to draw a rendering.  We say, nice doo.

I followed a car on my way to work and the woman talked the entire time on her cell phone. Guessing that women must have much more important issues to discuss.

Richard Drobnick summarized some of the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus concepts:

  • He believes communication should have a clear purpose and behind every conversation is a problem to be solved.  She uses communication to gauge how he/she is feeling and talks to organize her thoughts.
  • He has already sorted out the important points of a story and shares only those.   She uses communication to discover and shape her thoughts.
  • He assumes when She talks that it’s to seek advice or assistance.  She sees the conversation as a productive end and may not need any further action.  She seeks someone simply to listen.
  • When She if feeling down, He wants to tackle her problems head-on.  She values support and nurture.
  • When He is feeling down, He may want to withdraw, escape, take a short vacation from the worries.  She may interpret that she is failing him or losing him, when He may just need space.

So men, when she starts describing these super cute, closed backed pumps with a mary jane strap and…   Just smile, nod, act like you know what she’s talking about and remember Sports Center will be on soon.

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  1. Laughed the whole way through this. My daughter did a declam piece once that was written by Dave Berry entitled ” The Difference Between Men And Women”. You can imagine how hilarious that was!!!! Thanks for the day brightener.

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