Doesn’t Match

Heard someone on radio say that is like trying to put a Band-Aid over a bullet hole.  While that may be a graphic image, it reminded me of a couple times where the help may not have fit perfectly.

Dad was always looking for projects and heard about making a table with the base made out of cardboard.  If the pieces were cut correctly and glued, it was as sturdy as wood.  We used a straight edge and a utility knife to cut the pieces of cardboard.  Dad was in the process of cutting another piece and the knife went a bit beyond its stopping point.  It cut a nice tear in his pants and a nice swath in his thigh.  It was pretty deep and I ran to get Band-Aids.

Now dad thought I was afraid of the blood and the look of the inner beings of his leg (which I can actually see even today), but actually I went to get some help – in the form of a ¾ inch Band-Aid.  The wound required a number of stitches, a bit beyond the scope of even a box of bandages.

Years later, I went out the front of our house to collect a newspaper and slipped on the steps into our home.  There had been an ice storm and didn’t see the steps were solid ice.  I went horizontal and my back landed on one of the steps.  It was amazingly painful.  I came into the house writhing on the couch and my son brought me a couple Tylenol.  This was a bump that took months to heal and was beyond the scope of a handful of pain relievers.

In both instances the help didn’t fit but were given because we didn’t know what else to do.  I feel that way about a good friend who is struggling with cancer.  There’s nothing I can do, nothing I can offer that fits the pain he’s going through.   Everything I can give doesn’t match.  But whatever is given by so many people, it is given out of love and care and concern.  Guess there’s times when that’s all that’s available to give.

3 thoughts on “Doesn’t Match

  1. thanks, Bruce for a great article. Since I know the person struggling with cancer, you have summed it up beautifully. I just want the pain and the cancer to go away. I guess our prayers and love will be what we can do.

  2. You have a gift for saying so well what is in my heart regarding your friend and mine. Nothing we do or say seems adequate, but I know that to doing and the saying means more to him and his family than they can adequately convey. Being friends, listening and offering prayers for healing and comfort do a great deal. Speaking from experience. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and gift of communication… :o)

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