Figuring Things Out

Our grandson figured out how to crawl.  For a while he has been on all fours and would be up on his toes and scooting around, but then he figured it out.  Once that knee comes forward and then the next you can almost see a light bulb go off.  And then there is no stopping them.

My granddaughter recognized the S on a Skittle is the same letter as her grandma Sharon.  She’s pretty convinced they were made just for her Grandma S.  Isn’t it fun when kids figure out the system of letters and numbers that leads to reading and eventually, God help us all, algebra?

Think of all the things we need to figure out in our lives.  Relationships, nature, our bodies, jobs, the list goes on and on.  Then there is so much left that we will never figure out.  Why accidents happen and some walk away and some don’t.  Why some people get debilitating diseases and some live relatively healthy lives.  Why there are mosquitoes.

It’s really that way for me and my faith. I believe in prayer but don’t really know how it works. I believe God intervenes in my life, but really don’t know how and don’t believe I follow a predestined script. So I haven’t figured God out completely. Or women.

2 thoughts on “Figuring Things Out

  1. It is my observation and experience that those who have God all figured out, I have great difficulty loving, to say nothing of trying to like. If we do not have it all figured out, it is easier to be humble.

  2. As usual….some inspiring words. It’s just when you think you have most of the necessary things figured out that you come across something so simple and “enlightening” that you cant believe you didn’t “figure it out” sooner. After 60+ years, it still amazes me and God still has the power to amaze me daily!!
    Thanks for your insight each week, I so look forward to it.

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