Little Plastic Cross

My granddaughter discovered Fused Bead kits. They are little, colored, plastic cylinders that you place on peg boards. After your design is finished, you fuse them together with a hot iron. She knows I like baseball so created a baseball design for me that I use as a coaster. Other common patterns are hearts and stars. Our kids were into these bead kits when they were about her age.

Before our last trip to Haiti, she made me a little cross that I slipped it into my billfold. This past week, three weeks since our trip, I was putting some money into my billfold. I discovered the cross, that I forgot that I had put it in my wallet.

It gave me comfort that I’d had the cross with me in Haiti.

It gave me appreciation that my granddaughter recognized that a cross would be important to me.

It gave me relief that even when I don’t think about God, God comes along with me.

It gave me a smile that there are reminders of our life and faith.

It gave me the realization of how little I use cash.

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