I’m pretty sure that the sense of direction is innate.  It is always important for me to have my bearings and to know which direction I’m headed.  I can remember places and streets and landmarks from places that I traveled many years earlier.  My sister can’t find her way out of a shoebox.

As a kid, I got horribly lost in the woods at Yellowstone Park.   My brother and I were playing in the woods and I told him I was going to go for a walk.  After a while one tree looks pretty much like the next tree and the next . . .  I remember thinking I need to find something to lead me.  However, the bark and needles and pinecones looked pretty similar and I walked for a very long time.  Finally, I found a paved road.  I followed it to a campground and eventually I found my way back to our campsite – tired, hungry, thirsty, and scared.

Maybe that’s why I remember roads and cities pretty well.  Maybe that’s why I always want to know which direction is north (or south or east or west for that matter). So is it completely innate or does experience influence our sense of direction?

Ever go for a long walk in a new area and try to trace your way back?  What I’ve found is that the signposts look different on the way back, sometimes you doubt yourself, but in the end it is the trust that you’ll end up in the right spot.

There are times in my life where the sign posts have been clear and there are times that I’ve felt lost.  There are times I try to build my sense of direction by reading a different book, listen to a sermon online, or talk to a friend – to find something to lead me.  Sometimes we need to refill our tank so we have a reserve for the times when the way looks less clear.

2 thoughts on “Lost

  1. I can so resonate with your writing this week. There are times I can’t figure out which way to go, both in my car and in my life. Taking the time to look at a map helps in the car and checking the “Map” (Bible, community, etc.) also helps in life too. Thank you again for sharing your insight and making it so relevant to daily life.

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