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When I Think of Christmas

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It’s family, food, fellowship and fun, Tinsel, bright lights, people on the run. Travel to see grandparents, bringing suitcases, Sleeping in strange houses, beds, and weird places. It’s shepherds in bathrobes and children as sheep, Waiting through church without saying a peep. Deciding if the presents will be opened this Eve, Or if Christmas morning […]

July to Dec 2016

The Many Signs of Advent

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Driving in Dallas this week, they have an astounding complex of elevated roads, express roads, and road roads.  It’s incredible to think of the planning (and the expense) of putting this matrix of highways into place.  Along with the matrix comes an abundance of signs. At the beginning, it was a little overwhelming to figure […]

April May June 2015


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I’m pretty sure that the sense of direction is innate.  It is always important for me to have my bearings and to know which direction I’m headed.  I can remember places and streets and landmarks from places that I traveled many years earlier.  My sister can’t find her way out of a shoebox. As a […]