Spoiler Alert

Many of you know my dad is a retired United Methodist pastor.  For us, Santa came after the Christmas Eve service.  We’d squirm through the program and then have to wait until he shook everyone’s hand, gave
everyone their holiday greetings, clean up after the service, and then after two eternities, he’d come home and we’d open presents.

One year my older brother said, “You know there’s no  Santa, it’s mom who puts out the presents.” So that fateful Christmas Eve mom told us to head over to the church and that she’d be there in a couple minutes.  When we got outside, my brother grabbed me by the scruff of my parka and made me look through the part in the curtains.   Well you can imagine my disappointment to see “Santa” through the curtains.

I know that Christmas can be disappointing for others.  Our expectations are so high; we’re bound to find discontent.  Families change and working out schedules can be frustrating.  The death of a family member or friend can heighten the emotion.  Christmas is a on a collision course and we just hope to avoid a pile-up each year.

So — May you push away disappointment this Advent.  May your contentment come from the knowledge that others care for you.  May your greatest gift come from the Christ child in the manger.  May your warmth this season come from the inside.  May you never have an older brother.

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