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House of Cards

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Between my junior and senior year of high school, I went to Ghana as a foreign exchange student. I lived with a family for three months in a fairly remote part of the country. Every day we walked to get water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. It was a bit of a hike and water […]

July to December 2018

Measuring Almost

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Between my junior and senior year of high school, I spent three months in Ghana as an exchange student, living with a family. Toward the end of my trip, we visited the home village of my family. One day we went on a hike and ate sugar cane along the way.  Basically you strip the […]

July to Dec 2017

Reset Values

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It’s Eclipse Week and it has been described as a “once in a lifetime” experience for some, especially here in the United States. Certainly, it is an event that comes along rarely and is a day that is marked as a day to remember. I was holding down a button in my car and it […]

Jan to June 2017

Game Day

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My older brother is into games. Like incredibly into games. He has more games than I have clothes, belongs to a gaming society, and has invented several games. My brother actually met a guy at a gas station to trade games (I still imagine trench coats, sunglasses, and fedoras being involved). Our grandkids are getting […]

July Aug Sept 2014


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Recently I read the book King Peggy which is the story of an American secretary who discovers she has been chosen king of the impoverished fishing village of Otuam in the West African country of Ghana.  Not only was she the first female king of this village, but she discovers the dire reality: there’s no […]