Parsonage Parables

The Boy Hikers

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One of the first chapter books I remember reading as a kid was The Boy Hikers. It was a book given to my dad by my grandmother and was a book that he read several times as a boy. For some reason, I was thinking about the book, dad knew where it was, and I […]

July to December 2015

Figuring Things Out

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Our grandson figured out how to crawl.  For a while he has been on all fours and would be up on his toes and scooting around, but then he figured it out.  Once that knee comes forward and then the next you can almost see a light bulb go off.  And then there is no […]

Jan 2014

Grandma B

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Grandma Blumer and I always had a special relationship.  I think it was a matter of fit.  She was a Norwegian that spent her lifetime trying to fit into a German community.  I am a middle child and like many middle kids we’re pretty convinced we don’t fit into our family and even though we […]