When I Think of Christmas

It’s family, food, fellowship and fun,
Tinsel, bright lights, people on the run.
Travel to see grandparents, bringing suitcases,
Sleeping in strange houses, beds, and weird places.

It’s shepherds in bathrobes and children as sheep,
Waiting through church without saying a peep.
Deciding if the presents will be opened this Eve,
Or if Christmas morning is the time to receive.

Trees of green or white with rotating lights,
Real or fake it sometimes takes a few fights.
What kind of ornaments will adorn this year?
The front is fully covered, how about the rear?

Advent calendars with numbered candy pieces,
Just plain chocolate or will it be Reese’s?
My goal is one year to eat only one each day,
They are usually gone early from the display.

One year we made ornaments from around the world,
A spider web and other creations were unfurled.
Hiding a pickle somewhere in the tree,
Bringing good luck to the first one to see.

Twas the Night Before Christmas, Christmas Carol, Polar Express
Grinch, Charlie Brown, Rudolph, Frosty, movies largesse.
Christmas Story, Miracle, Home Alone, Lampoon, and Elf
Prancer, Kranks, Chronicles, Frosty, next on the shelf?

Ribbon candy, nuts, krumkake, lefse and cookies.
Eggnog, candy canes, and divinity not made by rookies.
So many different kinds of pies.
Sour Cream Raisin fully fits my eyes.

It’s Hope and Peace and Joy and Love,
The Christ child who came in as a dove.
It’s a coming and celebration marked by candles,
Letting go of problems and trusting God handles.

When I think of Christmas it’s so many things,
It’s complicated for many in the memories it brings.
My wish is for simplicity and love from a child,
That your Christmas be calm, tender, and mild.

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