Technology and How Things Have Changed!

Much of my life happens on my phone.  My calendar, email, contact list, my connections to social media, apps for weather, sports, and many other things held in my hand.  Think of technology and how things have changed.

A number of years ago, we took a long family trip with our sons.   My youngest son was consumed playing a video game on the television set snuggled between the seats of our van.  The game noise was connected to an adaptor so it could be heard through the vehicle sound system.  My other son was in the back seat with the headphones on watching a movie on his laptop computer.

I laughed out loud when I thought of a family trip I took as a kid.  With the windows rolled down in the station wagon and sweat trickling down our backs, we played the alphabet game with road signs and when mom broke out the chocolate milk and Ritz crackers/cheese, you would have thought she’d given us all a thousand dollars.

When my dad first got a fax machine, he’d send me a fax and then call to make sure I got it.  When he first started using email, he’d call me to make sure I got it.  When I showed mom my first iPod she just couldn’t figure out how it could play music without sticking a tape or CD into it.  Think about technology has changed in THEIR lifetime – from horses to wrist computers.

Years back my youngest son asked if we could go in the basement and play round, black things.
“Round black things?”
“Ya, you know, those round black things with music on them.”

For those of you old enough to remember, those would be albums.  I dusted off my turntable, hooked it up to his stereo system, and he spent time picking out and listening to round, black things.  After playing a few records, he called me back downstairs and said, “You mean there’s music on both sides?”  (Yep, there sure is)  Then he said, “How do you select the third track?”  (You pick up the arm and count the circles on the record)

Remember the days of TV repairmen?  The guy who would come to replace a few transistor bulbs in the back and then he’d fiddle with the adjustment knobs – usually until the show ended?  Now we throw the TV away when the newest technology is available.

I love technology, but it makes you wonder how the pace of change can continue?  Guessing Dick Tracy is asking the same thing.  (And for those of you who have no idea who Dick Tracy is – Google it on your phone)

3 thoughts on “Technology and How Things Have Changed!

  1. I’m so bummed you didn’t mention 8 track players!! Ha. At which point do we admit we’ve been left behind? I think I’ve reached it, just don’t want to believe it. Thanks again for your wonderful insight and making me pause to contemplate life.

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