About ten years ago I went through the process to become a certified scuba diver.  While I haven’t gone often enough, diving is a neat adventure as you explore a world that is so different and that few people see.

My last dive was almost six years ago and it didn’t go perfectly.  The short version is I was told to go to the front of the boat, to hold on to the anchor line, and wait for the others.  The surface was choppy that day and a big wave came that lifted me completely out of the water and I panicked a bit.  I went to the back of the boat, sat for a minute, took a couple deep breaths, realized I was fine, dove into the water and completed the dive.

I may have the opportunity to get wet again so I took a scuba update course.  We went over the equipment and safety considerations and then got into the pool.  At the bottom of the pool I was checking my gear and I had that same moment of panic.  It surprised me, but the same feelings rushed back.  Soon you realize everything you need is right there with you and I was fine.

Just returned from a trip to Haiti and the only time I worry is on the way to the country.  Will the flights work out, will our transportation be on time, or will I have any health issues, stuff like that. When I get to Haiti, I meet up with friends and realize everything I need is there and I am fine.

Seems like the transition times have the most anxiety.

So I think back to other times of worry or apprehension or disquiet?  I wonder if many of them were simply times of transition.  Maybe my focus should be on the things that are right there with me.  The things that I know.  Things that help me realize that, almost always, transition times simply work out fine.

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  1. We need to go on a dive trip!! You know my motto: You only go around once in life, but if you do it right that’s enough!!

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