What Happened to May Day?

My granddaughter called me the morning of May 1 and I asked her what she was up to. I got the usual, “Oh, nothing.” Then I told her it is May Day and when I was her age, we delivered small baskets of candy to our friends. “Really?” Of course, she had to ask grandma as she’s never quite sure when or if I’m telling the truth.

So what happened to May Day? Did it go by the wayside of “Stay off my lawn?” Or is it because we’re so transient and most of us barely know our neighbors? Did the world run out of candy and paper baskets?

I heard a radio report about the rise in loneliness. The group feeling most lonely – young adults. They have 2,000 Instagram followers, but not enough connected friends. Certainly it is an issue for many of us that move to new communities, commute or start new jobs, kids leave, health and age issues intervene. I just think we need to celebrate more!

As many of our celebrations, May Day is rooted in pagan festivals that became more tempered with time. May Day was typically a celebration of spring. Some communities held parades, there were May Pole events where colorful streamers were marched around a pole, and baskets of flowers and/or candy were left anonymously on doorsteps. What happened to May Day?

I don’t want you to be lonely or miss out on important celebrations, realizing a couple have already slipped by us. The lists for each month are posted on Wikipedia, but here are the remaining celebrations for May –

I’ll host May 6 – No Diet Day and May 23 World Turtle Day. So who is in? Let’s end loneliness, one random celebration at a time!


One thought on “What Happened to May Day?

  1. Awesome as usual…I’m in it for World Pizza Day on May 9 and Towel Day on May 25. Will be a hoot!!!

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