Jan to June 2018

Happy Meal Toys

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I was listening to a speaker who had just returned from Guatemala. She was talking about how happy the children were. She talked about how excited the kids were to receive worthless toys from McDonalds and other toss-away trinkets. She said they were so happy with nothing, when we have everything here. It hit me […]

Jan to June 2016

3 Lug Nuts and a Bald Tire

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We attended the graduation of Dr. William, a medical student in the Dominican Republic. On our first full day there, we decided to go see the ocean. It is about an hour and a half drive from Santiago to the beach. We hired a driver and William borrowed a car from a friend. While grateful […]

July to December 2015

Katrina + 10

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina made her destructive presence known to the coast. There are many articles and stories about the storm right now and what was done in the aftermath of the devastation. At the time, I was part of an organization that was to have their […]

July Aug Sept 2014

What’s Your Sign?

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We went to the second installment of the Hunger Games, the movie entitled Catching Fire. This is a three book series that has now been made into movies. The storyline is gripping and in many ways shows how revolutions are created. An oppressive government has a competition where people fight until all but the winners […]

April, May, June 2014

Moving Targets

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Had a conversation with a man whose wife had recently died. She was a vibrant person – high energy and full of life. She developed dementia and he told of his daily visits, her decline, and how the disease took her vibrancy, her energy, and eventually her life. But the saddest part was he shared […]

Nov 2013

Here’s Why

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Again I had someone ask why I would work in Haiti when there are hungry people in the U.S.? Well, here’s why. First, we live in a country that has the ability but not the will to solve our own hunger issues.  Where $96 BILLION is allowed to go to Wall Street exec bonuses and […]