July to Dec 2017

Reset Values

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It’s Eclipse Week and it has been described as a “once in a lifetime” experience for some, especially here in the United States. Certainly, it is an event that comes along rarely and is a day that is marked as a day to remember. I was holding down a button in my car and it […]

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It’s Tough Being Three

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There are a couple phrases I’ve used.  The first is what I’ve been telling my three year old granddaughter – “It’s tough being three.”  For those that think it’s the “Terrible Two’s” haven’t had a three year old.  They are much more independent, have better language skills, know exactly what they want and don’t want, […]

Nov 2013


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In Aberdeen SD we had a huge parsonage.  There were five bedrooms on the second level, but of course one bathroom.  Kurt, the youngest of the clan, was taking a bath and was in the bathroom a long time.  I began to knock on the door and there was no answer.  At first I thought […]